Monday, June 1, 2009

personal stuff

Shoes are a personal thing. When I was a little girl, I loved ballet; so it goes as no surprise that I also love ballet flats. The first two pairs (on the left) are actual ballet slippers from high school, and the rest I bought over the past few years. They're certainly not Lanvins -- in fact, no pair tops the $100 mark -- but I like them. Each tells a story about me...but I won't get into this now.


  1. don't clothes seem more lovable when they come with a story attatched? or you create your own story for them?
    for some reason beaten up ballet flats seem to look more perfect than immaculate ones! and i loovve those green flats. very pretty.

  2. What an adorable collection of flats! It's refreshing to see a collection of flats instead of vertiginous heels for a change!


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