Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the cradle rocks above an abyss

images: 1. photo taken by me of my sunnies...from top to bottom: Ray-Ban Aviators, Ray-Ban Clubmasters, UO, Target, Chanel circa 2004ish, Target, Vintage faux Ray-Bans. 2. One of my favorite photos of Sienna via google images. 3. ffffound.com
"Art never comes from happiness." - What a depressing thought. Is there truth to it though? Some of my favorite artists of all time (whether it's literature, fine art, music, etc) - Hemingway, Faulkner, Plath, Van Gogh, Cobain, Rothko - struggled with depression and other mental illness. What do you think?


  1. OMG! you have a great collection of sunglasses dear! I love all <3<3<3

    and thanks for your comment!


  2. I'm quite jealous of your collection darling! (: Looove Ray-Ban - they are simply classic!

    La C.

  3. That photo of Sienna made me do a double take - for a split second i thought it was Kate, even though i had seen the photo before.

    And yes Kurt's journals gave me chills as well, but i've never been able to bring myself to reading them, i've only ever quickly shuffled through its pages. There's a feeling of invasion of privacy that takes over me every time and i felt like it was better left unread. I think it will eternally sit tight on my shelf.

  4. i like your blog!! usually i prefer blogs where the blogee shows their personal style, but you really dont have to(well u can if u want 2), the bits and pieces on your blog speak for themselves.

    those journals your on about sound like my cup of tee, thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

  5. No, two of my short stories stemmed from complete and utter happiness. They are both published, and have received better comments than the ones born of stress and pain.

  6. I like that tattoo. I think is true,sad,but true...
    Oh,and the sunglasses. There's nothing to say...


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