Monday, August 3, 2009

the story of an outfit and a room

images: 1. Alexander McQueen spring 2008 2. Alberto Pinto design 3. Kate 4. unknown
I love when people decorate themselves (clothing) and their homes in a similar manner.
Have you ever walked into someone's home and been shocked by what it looks like (not in a bad's just that, perhaps by the way he or she dresses, you expected something different). Yes, I think that has happened to all of us. Sometimes this surprise is a great thing -- it adds dimension and character to a person's style.
But sometimes it's also nice and comforting to see just what you expected...


  1. I totally agree. I'm just thinking if my room reflects my style, but actually I think it does. Great post and great blog btw. Kiss Kiss

  2. that's an interesting thought because i dress often black, grey and layerd also lumberjack shirts and boots but of course i also weare many, many dresses. most of the time i'm wearing some dress but it's seldom that i am wearing a girlish white or rose or nude dress (seldom is my word for never)but my room is light with a big canopy bed and white furniture.

  3. i love the first one! and im not sure if i dress the way my room is..but i suppose so because of my way of styling and living is the same through out.


    One Love,


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