Wednesday, September 16, 2009

as though the ocean

images: (I warn -- many I saved a long, long time ago without credits. My sincere apologies.) 1. Clemence Poesy in a Chloe ad via 2. Daniel Farmer photography 3. love the linear look of the flowers and frames, unknown 4. symmetry pleases the eye, unknown 5. a jewelry chandelier...genius, unknown. 6. this house looks so welcoming, unknown 7. fun masks...very New Orleans, unknown 8. beautiful mosaic bench and styling, unknown
I try hard to post photos that I have saved with credits, but my desire to credit appropriately leaves some amazing photos out of this blog and only to be enjoyed by my eyes (a sad, sad thing) I wanted to do a post of many "unknowns." Enjoy.
Also, I am currently reading Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea (1952). It's a wonderful book so far, and just last night I came across a beautiful quote. Here it is:
" though the ocean were making love with something under a yellow blanket..." Only Hemingway. Beautiful.


  1. clemence poseyyyy <3
    i just love that frecnh girl
    her eyes in the chloe campaign were so gentle and angelic.
    i cant wait till the next harry potter movie comes outt
    so many bloggers enjoy reading books. HAHAHA
    i think i should start reading some, i'm so slack with my studies this year. maybe alice in wonderland would be a great book to read?

    x cathy

  2. that last pic with the couch is so gorgeous in ways i can't explain

  3. Lovely photos, I especially love the masks =]

  4. These photos are so inspiring... lovely

  5. New follower to your blog and loving every ornate second of it so far!

    These pictures work together to seamlessly, I really enjoy how the convey a sense of message without saying a word (just like a proper outfit)! I'm a big fan of Hemingway's eloquence though I haven't picked up "The Man and the Sea" yet, you're certainly making me want.

    Enjoyed how you tied in Hemingway's colorful writing with the mosaic of images!


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