Monday, September 21, 2009

let them laugh

images via net-a-porter

These are the type of shoes, in my opinion, that certain people might laugh at -- "THEY cost $350?! What were you thinking? They are slippers. Almost elf-like. Almost moonwalk-ish." Well, well...I would have to strongly disagree. I adore the shape of this shoe...and I can only imagine how comfortable they are. I just love these shoes and could wear them every day. Shoes by Newbark.


  1. props the perfect shoe for walking around endlessly while shopping and still wanting to look fabulous :)

  2. Lol love your comment about people laughing at these shoes. I must admit, they look kind of awful on their own, but they look extremely cute worn. And super comfy too!

  3. get real!!! people will buy them tho, that is the funny part.



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