Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fairy dust linen lust

images: bella notte linens all via Cottage Chic Store

Bella Notte has long been a favorite of mine. I love how you can mix and match the various fabrics - linen, velvet, satin, lace - and colors - lighter colors like white, champagne, petal, fawn, and ginger with richer ones like charcoal, graphite, amethyst, chocolate, and forest. Aren't these lovely names? The combinations are truly endless. I'm also a huge fan of the long skirted and layered dust ruffle. The more puddle going on, the better (to an extent, of course).

Angelic, dreamlike, cozy, and beautiful -- this is what a bed should look like to me.


  1. I totally want to sleep in these beds!


  2. Damn, so lovely. Shabby chic is so my home deco aesthetic. You need to check out Rachel Ashwell!!

  3. amazing how pure white gives the biggest impact.

  4. these bedroom sets are too good looking, kist like ones in stories and fairy tales, very beautiful and very comfortable looking beds and the bedding is too good, i loved the ruffled pillows and the bed spread

  5. the bed set is too good, while we do not have ones like these in home, we can enjoy sleeping on these featherlike creationg when we travel as all the 5 and 7 star hotels offer comfortable beds like these, beautiful and extremely comfy beds, i love them


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