Monday, March 21, 2011

for molding's sake

1. unknown 2. design by victoria hagan 3. a closeup of molding in versailles, photo by the cherry blossom girl 4. turebyholm castle in denmark 5. photography by tony soluri 6. design by michael s. smith 7. kate and andy spade's apartment via the selby 8. design by elsa r. soyars 9. hoss intropia lookbook 10. via martha stewart 11. givenchy
for my most recent studio project, we had to incorporate molding into our design. it was fun to research the different styles of molding and see what color can do to highlight or conceal the design. i will probably do a follow-up post because i have so many photos on this subject that i want to share! enjoy.


  1. These are wonderful, like the last one best!

  2. Beautiful interior designs! Your project sounds like fun!xoxoxoo

  3. Hi,
    the first image, that bedroom is fantastic.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on our blog.


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