Wednesday, July 27, 2011

art for art's sake

images: 1. annika chistensen interior design 2. photo by michael paul 3. caldwell-beebe interior design, mark rothko painting 4. amelia handegan interior design, art by todd murphy i believe 5. photo by per mangus persson 6. unfortunately i cannot recall what this space is, though i believe it's a retail space, via so haute 7. beautiful herringbone fireplace by francois and co, art by todd murphy i believe 8. thad hayes interior design, mark rothko painting 9. art by nicole cohen of sketch 42 8. jan showers interior design

art comes in every form, but probably its most tradition form, at least in western culture, is painting.
above are some of my absolute favorite examples of art (a few are photographs, not paintings) being used with purpose and beauty in a space.
so i ask, which of the above images do you love?


  1. tough to decide which i like the most.... i think its a comibination of the art pieces from a few...and furniture from a few...i'd mix it up!

    interesting post.

  2. So many gorgeous paintings!
    Loving the dancers in particular!


  3. God, this is like my dream house. Your posts are all so beautiful! I'm totally your newest follower.


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